Flight of the [monarch] butterflies

Back in February, D and I hopped in the car and headed to the El Rosario monarch butterfly preserve in Michoacán, the largest in the world. Long story short, these delicate little insects migrate thousands of miles from southern Canada and northern parts of the US (including my home state, the Mitten) to spend the […]

San Miguel de Allende

Ahh, the one and only San Miguel de Allende: classic cobblestone streets (that, admittedly, start to lose their charm after jostling us around in a taxi for 20 minutes), bright colors, great views, a well-preserved downtown, and the famous wedding-cake church. With absolutely zero ulterior motive, I wholly unselfishly planned a two-day trip for D’s […]

Guadalajara gallery

Say that three times fast! Some oldies but goodies from my first trip to visit D in Mexico, June 2013. Clockwise from upper left: Cathedral/basilica of Guadalajara (with my free lollipop from the man who asked if I was German), Palacio de Gobierno, mural in the palacio representing Hidalgo and Mexican independence, and the Basilica […]