5 Things I’ve learned in Mexico: Part 2

#1: It is perfectly acceptable and very common for adults to eat popsicles in public, no matter the season. Paletas— both fruit- and dairy-based– are ubiquitous here. La Michoacana and Santa Clara are popular chains. D’s aunt and uncle own a successful paleta place in the state of Colima that the president visited recently.

#2: Little smog particles have the amazing ability to cling to just about any surface. Case in point: the glass desktop near the living room window. Also any car that parks outside… and the shelves in my kitchen.

#3: Tip your grocery bagger. They are often retired folks who make a little extra income this way. 2 pesos or so (less than a quarter) is pretty standard.

#4: It is next to ESSENTIAL that you say goodbye to everyone individually when you leave a party or gathering– even if there are 20+ people there. I got (politely) called out once for saying goodbye like a gringa, meaning that I just waved and announced my departure to the crowd.

#5: Oxxo is hands-down the best convenience store (or party store, if you’re from Michigan) in the Americas. I will accept no arguments. It’s a better version of 7-Eleven and always has exactly what you’re looking for, except limes (see #1 on 5 Things I’ve learned in Mexico: Part 1).

A friend of mine from college, who is also a connoisseur of all things related to Mexico, shares my love of Oxxo and will fight to the death to prove its superiority.


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