It’s official…

… I am now a (temporary) resident of Mexico! After months of silly paperwork, I finally got my resident card and a CURP, which is an important ID number here, similar to the SSN in the States. I can now open a bank account and apply for work permission. A huge shout-out and thank-you to D is in order for all of his help, patience, and willingness to bring me my passport despite terrible traffic ❤

More news: I am partially employed! For about a week, I’ve been doing transcription part-time for a company based out of Boston. It involves watching or listening to files (video or audio, respectively) and making sure the transcript matches up with the spoken words. It’s the perfect word-nerd job! Challenging, but do-able. I put my punctuation know-how to the test every day, and I get to choose the projects I work on, which means a) it’s flexible, and b) I’m not stuck with boring topics. So far, I’ve done jobs with a range of topics like finance, education, medical stuff, and news.

And in other news: D and I booked a gorgeous Airbnb in Boston for our New England trip in May! It’s two blocks from a TJ Maxx, and I don’t have to explain that that is VERY exciting. More importantly, though, we’ll also head up to Maine for my graduation and for a long-awaited reunion with my friends (and family– my parents are coming too!). Plus, Tandem Coffee. And Becky’s Diner (nothin’ finah!). And Target. And… I should probably be more realistic with this list, as we only have 4 days in Portland.

Oh! And I cut my hair. It was a typical exchange with the stylist: I’d like this much (miming about 3 inches) cut off. She says okay. Then 6 inches fall to the floor. That being said, I’m very happy with the new ‘do. Prior to the chop, my hair was so long that pieces sometimes got stuck in the waistband of my (high-waisted) jeans… but the ends were crispy. Change is good.


And finally, D is kicking butt at Cisco. I love listening to him talk on the phone with clients– he explains things so well and is quite the businessman. He also joined a soccer team! This week he bought some pretty swanky cleats.

Okay, this is the last thing, I swear. Happy 23rd birthday to my brother! Feliz cumple, wey.


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