Recent Netflix binges

My current (un)employment status affords me more free time than I know what to do with. In an attempt to fill my time, I have turned to Netflix.

Mexican Netflix is the holy grail. Seriously. I tell anyone and everyone.

Besides The Wonder Years, I’ve been able to find just about any TV show or movie my heart desires. (Sometimes only the first season is available, but that’s not the point!)

The following are my 10-out-of-10-would-recommend shows:

  • Outlander: Sing me a song of a lass that is gone… so. obsessed. Thank you to Laura T. for introducing me; my life will never be the same. Jamie + Claire 4ever.

Dreaming of the Scottish Highlands (photo credit: Flickr)

  • Stranger Things: finished it in four days. Fantastic cast of young actors. Not as scary as anticipated. Super badass, especially Steve’s batting skills and Hopper at all times.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been around for awhile but the lack of Andy Samberg in my life led me to this gem. So, so funny, to the point where I actually laugh out loud. Basically The Office but at a police station. Amy Santiago is my spirit animal.
  • The Crown: historical dramas are my thing. Well-acted, suspenseful (despite being based on true events), beautiful costuming.
  • Call the Midwife: I love Chummy! A great show to pop on whilst doing other things.

Tried getting into but couldn’t:

  • The Tudors: something must be wrong with me, I know, everyone loves it… Henry Cavill is the only reason I would continue watching.
  • Black Sails (even though the guy who did the music also did Outlander’s… and Battlestar Galactica’s… and The Walking Dead’s… and Agents of SHIELD’s.)

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