Food fiesta/culinary cabaret

Having already tried some unusual Mexican delicacies (tongue tacos, pickled pork skin, and others), I’ve been a little less adventurous these days, opting for classics that are guaranteed to be good. Below are a few of my recent restaurant choices.


Without a doubt my favorite from this list: a mixed ceviche from a restaurant in San Carlos, Sonora, on the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). If memory serves me, the mix was of shrimp, squid or octopus, and some kind of fish. It was almost as great as the view!


The most recent: a jumbo hot dog with mustard/mayo/ketchup, nacho cheese, pickles, onions, and crushed Ruffles chips– served with fries and a diet Coke. This was our first adventure with UberEATS in DF, and I was quite pleased. (Shout-out to Auntie for beautiful placemats from Bronner’s in Frankenmuth!)


Up next: enchiladas suizas from the Sanborns in the Casa de los Azulejos (house of tiles) in downtown Mexico City. Since Mom was here for a visit prior to the wedding, I couldn’t not take her to this famous landmark. She played it safe with a yummy sandwich.


We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood full of great restaurants, like this one, an Argentinian place on the corner called Parrilla Quilmes. I went for the cheapest entree on the menu, fettuccine with my choice of sauce. The chimichurri (an oregano- and vinegar-based sauce) was exceptional! Poor Isla Negra just sat there, unread, while I stuffed my face with delicious carbs.


Probably the grossest-looking picture but the most satisfying meal. Imagine the concept of the old A&Ws: ordering and then eating in your car… but at a taquería. These are tacos al pastor that had a very barbecue-y flavor to them. With each taco costing a mere 10 pesos (about 50 cents US), it’s easy to fill up on a budget.


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