A brief update… or, the one where I got married and moved abroad!

Hello, there! It’s been awhile. Pull up a cozy chair and perhaps locate some caffeine while I provide an update on the past 5 months of my life.


September: quit job, left Maine (it broke my heart into a million pieces), moved home to Michigan. Went to Chicago. Married the most wonderful man on the planet on my parents’ lawn in a bejeweled, pink gown. Cried when he boarded his train 3 days later (yes, indeed, it felt very WWI. I waved and sniffled from the platform until his train was out of sight). Took full advantage of my remaining healthcare coverage (thus scheduling my first chiropractic appointment and ordering mounds of contacts).

October: did a lot of shopping/lounging/errands/nothing. Caught up with family and friends; visited favorite restaurants. Attended two very fancy fundraisers, one of which was Gatsby-themed. Proceeded to drink lots of champagne. Visited D in Mexico City and completed wedding registry (uh-huh, with those little gun-like scanners, just like the movies). Watched lots of Michigan State football. Hung out at our cabin. Felt honored to attend the baby shower of my first college pal to be married and expecting.

November: started getting very anxious about the big move. Got paperwork and “affairs” in order (see also: adulting). Visited Portland (thank God!) and felt so happy. Moved to Mexico City! (Was ill for two weeks… as in, buckets-of-snot sick.) Turned 26. Explored new city when Mom visited. Did lots of Netflix bingeing because of The Crown and Gilmore Girls. Got a gym membership. Finalized wedding details and headed to Guadalajara in preparation for Big Day #2! Enjoyed finally living in the same place as D after a very long time of a very long-distance relationship.

December: got married… AGAIN! This time in a church and with more of D’s family and friends present, with a fairytale reception. Spent a week in Tulum for our honeymoon (amazing despite some nasty bug bites and D losing– and finding– his wedding ring. More on that later). Had an interview of sorts with a potential employer (cross your fingers for me!). Sort of attempted to create a routine for myself while husband worked (more TV bingeing, but also sleeping in every day and using aforementioned gym membership). Traveled back to Guadalajara for cousin’s wedding. Returned to Guadalajara for Christmas; proceeded to travel to Hermosillo and San Carlos, Sonora; traveled from there to Tucson, Arizona to spend New Year’s Eve and do a little shopping.



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